This once weekly six-week seminar starts on January 22nd 2020.

It consists of the Home Study course, in which Chloe Wordsworth provides information on the three Treasures, the five Essences, the Constitutional Element and acupuncture point location —  not covered in the in-person online seminar.

For new students, the Home Study of Inner Cultivation is a pre-requisite for attending the online seminar. For re-take students, the Home Study is highly recommended, especially as it shows acupuncture point location in detail that practitioners can refer back to whenever needed.

Those registering for Inner Cultivation need to purchase the Home Study course as soon as possible so they can view it before the online seminar begins in January. In this way practitioners will most benefit from the online seminar. Go to > HOME STUDY

In the six weekly online seminar, we will focus on the demonstrations of the Repatternings (students receiving a session or proxying in to the weekly session), and honing our skills in identifying the client\’s Constitutional Element/ Meridian, which of the five Essences is being called for, and the Element/Source acupuncture point that most supports the client\’s self-healing process in relation to the session.

We offer a special discounted price for re-takers to encourage long-term practitioners to join us in deepening our learning and self-healing through this advanced seminar in Five Element Acupuncture.

To register: go to where details on the registration fee and discounts are given

The pre-requisite for this seminar is attendance at the first five Resonance Repatterning seminars: Fundamentals through Five Elements and Meridians and the Home Study Inner Cultivation course.

For questions contact Ardis:

Carolyn Winter also provides support for those new to the Zoom technology of learning online.

We look forward to a wonderful experience of sharing and deepening.

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