Leopoldina Rendon Pineda will be teaching in Mexico City, Polanco. I teach my clases in spanish online and in person. I am  available for in-person training if requested, we can agree the best time according your possibilities.  I also offer private training and mentorship.

Discount Options:

  1. if you register for the 5 level of the basic serie wit the 50% of the total (1500 USDLLS) you only pay 2750, that meas you save 250 usdlls
  2. if you register and pay in advance for the total you pay 2500 US dlls  that meas you save 500 usdlls
  3. if you gather a group of 6 persons for the serie, you only pay 750 US dlls for the whole serie

1) si te inscribes para toda la serie de 5 niveles con el 50% del total del costo, solo pagas 2750 US por toda la serie en lugar de 3000.
2) si te inscribes con el 100% del total pagas 2500 US por toda la serie.
3) Si reúnes un grupo de minimo 6 personas para tomar la serie, tu solo pagas 750 US dlls por toda la serie.

Contact me to get more information or my assitent: atzindr@gmail.com

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