Come learn Resonance Repatterning with me.  This Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning is the foundational seminar in learning this amazing energetic healing system developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth.  This will be offered in my home in a small, face to face setting in which I can offer personal support to assist your learning experience. in real time.

In this seminar you will learn to:

  1. Use the tool of muscle checking to identify and transform out-of-sync frequency patterns that present as problems in your life.
  2. Practice muscle checking to develop confidence in using this healing tool for yourself and others.
  3.  Use the muscle checking tool to identify negative qualities that create stressors in your life as well as positive qualities you wish to resonate with.
  4. Learn and practice 40 Energizing Options (healing modalities) from sound, color and light, movement, breath, and energy contacts to assist you to create positive outcomes in your life.
  5. Observe and four \”Repatternings\” that allow you to identify and transform unconscious beliefs and perceptions to help you become more receptive to new possibilities in your life.
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