With a new 2019 edition of the Energetics of Relationship book, we’ll look at the four components of our bioelectric circuit, starting with Resistance — because our body, mind, habits, beliefs and how we react to others creates the resistance that burns out our relationships or shuts them down. Then we’ll talk about and demonstrate the three Repatternings for the Inductor, which creates current flow and a magnetic field of attraction in our relationships. Our capacitor is the third component of our bioelectric circuit, which gives us the ability to store and release energy through the ten languages of love and the importance of the 5:1 ratio for long-lasting relationship. And finally there is the power of the Source — the essential energy of life — and how it empowers our relationships.

THE HOME STUDY for Energetics of Relationship is REQUIRED before attending the online seminar. It prepares you for the seminar and gives you information and details not covered in the seminar itself. WATCH IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! (ResonanceRepatterning.net/Home Study tab). You may want to start the Home Study with the RESISTOR, which is where Chloe will begin the online class.

Re-takers: it is recommended that you watch the Home Study, although it is not required. However, re-takers will need to purchase the new 2019 edition from Amazon  (should be available on Amazon late August early September.)

CLASS DATES: 3 1/2 hours each Wednesday, starting October 2nd (no class on October 9th), October 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20 (I have put in an extra class in case we need more time).

TO REGISTER: go to ozardis.com

FEE: Retaker fee is $300. New student fee is $1350.

Contact Ardis Ozborn with any questions you may have

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