Transforming Chakra Patterns is the fourth seminar in the Resonance Repatterning foundation training.  It will immediately follow the teaching of the Transforming Unconscious Patterns seminar.  Students love the depth of experience they have  in this 5-day intensive training format. 

Special 50% off Celebration Offer:  Michelle is Celebrating 20+ years teaching Resonance Repatterning around the world by offering  50% off the full registration fee for all seminars she teaches in all locations this year.

RR was created as a self-help tool “for anyone who can read”.  This celebration offer warmly invites anyone who would like to learn RR to do so through this special offer.  (Note: $335 is a special fee during this year of celebration and not the standard seminar fee.)

This year’s Special of $1997 offers you the full 5 seminar series, taught in 3 modules.  This includes all books for the full 5-seminar training and related fees.

Real Life Happens:  For Module 2 and 3 in the series, if there is a date conflict you may take that module anywhere Michelle is teaching within a calendar year for this same special discounted Celebration fee.  A payment plan exists.  We have a beautiful venue in Indianapolis with accommodations at the venue for 9 participants on a request basis.  Other very affordable accommodation options are also available for those coming from a distance.

Contact Michelle for full details and to register.  646-330-5151

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