New Visions is an exciting and interactive class that changes the way we “SEE” on all levels. All the tension we hold in our bodies begins with our eyes. When the eyes are tense it is impossible to be relaxed in our body and the body does not receive it’s most important nutrient: LIGHT. You will learn many new repatternings to relax the eyes and transform childhood believes that “keep you from seeing” and bring more light into your body and life. This creates healing on all levels.

*We are offering discounts for early registration. For additional information please contact the co-ordinator: Sylvi Salinas @ or call @512.389.3990. Payment is made directly to Sylvi Salinas by either check/cash or credit card.

The class is taught WED 6-9:30 p.m (EST) and SAT 12-3:30pm (EST).

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