Chloe will be teaching the new edition of the VISION book — now titled: YOUR VISION THROUGH MOVEMENT, MEMORY & LIGHT.

Come join us for this live ONLINE seminar in six weekly sessions: May 15, 22 (no class on May 29th), June 5, 12, 19, 26.

email for any questions and to REGISTER. As the cost of the seminar varies, you need to contact the organizer, Ardis Ozborn, for this information (this is why the seminar price is listed as 00.

Re-takers are welcome to attend at our discounted price of $300.

This is a wonderful opportunity to receive sessions (in person or by proxy) from Chloe Wordsworth, to observe how the Founder of Resonance Repatterning does each Repatterning she developed, to deepen your understanding and practice of Resonance Repatterning, and to connect with the RR community around the world and share your questions and insights. Often we have people registering from S. Africa, the UK, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Canada and from around the USA. Very exciting!

Re-takers: “Do I need to buy a new Vision book?” This is up to you. The sequence of the book is totally new and the sequence within the Repatternings has also been updated. There are improvements throughout the book. If you love your old edition you are welcome to keep using it. But it will be difficult for you to follow along in your book during the weekly sessions. If you love improvements you can either purchase the paperback version on Amazon or the spiral bound version on Amazon or through

If you cannot attend all the sessions because of time constraints, you can always proxy in to the sessions and then access the audio later in your own time.

We would love to see as many of you as possible for transforming our vision through Repatternings such as: Stress and our vision; Let in more light and see; Inner Light and our vision; Conflict and our vision; Visual acuity; Pain and our Vision; Laughter and our vision — along with Repatternings for Movement for life, Memory imprints and our vision and Endorphin stress and our vision.

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