Transforming Five-Element and Meridian Patterns is the 5th course in the basic training series of 5 courses. We will meet online via Zoom, an interactive live  video service, twice a week for 3.5 hours each. The intention of this course is to give students of Resonance Repatterning easy access to a powerful body of knowledge and wisdom for practical use in their daily life. You will receive an understanding of the Five Elements and the 12 Meridians of Chinese Acupuncture & how to apply the knowledge to your daily life.  In addition, you will learn many modalities and many repatternings with a focus on the topic listed above.

Prerequisite:  Fundamentals; Primary Patterns; and Transforming Unconscious Patterns of RR.

This course, if taken individually, totals $1,015 which includes all materials & shipping in the U.S. Discounts are available for those who wish to pay in full for the whole basic series. I hope you will join me! Sylvi

For further details and information, please contact Sylvi Salinas at

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