Please join us for the 2022 accelerated basic training online. This is a live interactive class on zoom covering the 5 basic classes and throughout the training you will learn:

  • The importance of the point of choice and how to remain oriented towards life enhancing energy patterns
  • Our unique method of muscle checking; learn to check yourself or another to identify what you resonate with
  • How to identify and change the patterns that keep you and others stuck in repetitive and often painful patterns. Resonate instead with what energizes you in life
  • Specific repatternings to transform negative perceptions and beliefs you unconsciously created in early infancy and childhood. These patterns still determine what we see or don’t see, hear or don’t hear and how you project yourself in the world
  • Our orientation method, how to repattern specific problems into opportunities, and key elements for resonating with intention
  • Brain area functions and qualities to resonate with to create coherence in your life.
  • Energy patterns based on the Ayurvedic chakra system and its seven major concentrated reservoirs of energy that impact your body, your emotional responses, your thoughts and your attitude
  • An introduction to the Chinese Five Element and Meridian system of natural healing
  • The attributes of each acupuncture element and meridians and how to strengthen the flow of chi life energy
  • The Spiral Up Options for change and transformation

April 18-June 27/2022 from 8-12noon (PDT); Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Each class is video taped. If you miss a class you can catch up with the video on a secure page available to students only.

For the schedule of all classes and to register please go to You must create a free account in order to register and complete payment.

The fee below is for the entire training and it does not include books. They must be ordered on Amazon prior to the training.