This seminar is taught in English with Spanish translation.

It consists of a six day seminar taught over two weekends. Please make sure you include both weekends when you register.

We offer a discount to re-takers of $250 for each weekend, if registration is received by the registration deadline.

The previous title for this seminar was Presence and Safety. It is now called THE FIVE ESSENCES. We learn the inner tradition of Chinese Acupuncture — a deeper dimension of what you have learned in the 5 Element and Meridian seminar plus a deeper understanding of Acupuncture points, the Mandel acupuncture point sequences, the five Mudras that relate to the five Essences and an understanding of how disturbed emotions relate to illness and our problems. See for the seminar description details. The October 2015 edition of Inner Cultivation is a brand new book with material not included in any previous edition.

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