This seminar will fascinate those who want to go deeper into the inner tradition of Chinese Acupuncture — the Three Treasures and the Five Essences of the Shen, Zhi, Hun, Po and Yi that are associated with the Five Elements. The inner tradition leads to physical and mental health and is about manifesting the higher purpose of our life.

INNER CULTIVATION is a brand new seminar. It now consists of A HOME STUDY video course, which you can take any time, and a three-day in-person seminar once you have completed the Home Study video course.

The HOME STUDY video training costs $550 (for everyone — as this material on the inner tradition of Chinese Acupuncture is new to all students).

The in-person three-day seminar — where we go in-depth into the Constitutional Type, the disturbed emotion and the Five Essences of Zhi, Hun, Shen, Yi and Po — is $595 for new students. For those who register by May 10, 2016, they may take advantage of the discounted price of $525 for the in-person portion.

Re-takers wanting to attend the three-day in person seminar may pay $295 or take advantage of the early registration discount of $250 if they register by May 10, 2016. (This does not include the $550 for the HOME STUDY video course or the price of the January 2016 edition of the book).

Our seminar co-ordinator, Jennifer Johnson, will order the books for new and re-take students at $45 per book, which includes the mailing cost. But if you want to order the book early from the Resonance > eStore, you are welcome to do so (be aware that the mailing cost for one book is expensive).

If you have any questions, please contact the organizer: Jennifer Johnson 360.384.1415 or email her at:

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