Jan 8 and 10th, 15th , 17th practice + 24th Ardis mc +  practice January 29th with Carolyn
We meet Tuesday and Thursday 12-3:30P.M. (est).

Learn Resonance Repatterning Online with my Fall 2018 Series of the 5 Basic Seminars. All classes are Noon to 3:30pm Eastern with breaks between seminars. Includes practice sessions and other extras. Register early as class size is limited. For all class dates, payment options and specials, learn more or to register visit .

Includes all books and pre-class materials.  Shipping is extra

In the Transforming Unconscious Patterns Seminar you will learn – Earlier Experience Repatterning, Parental Repatterning, Reptilian Brain Repatterning, Breathe Repatterning, Compensations Repatterning and Integration for Growth Repatterning

This twenty-one hour seminar shows you how the neural connections in your brain either free you or imprison you.

  • You learn six powerful Repatternings to transform memory imprints, parental patterns and compensations that sabotage how you want to show up in your life.
  • As you resonate with the coherent qualities associated with the seven major brain areas and the neurotransmitters needed for optimal body-brain functioning, you automatically spiral up to a higher frequency state: happiness, relaxation and an optimistic attitude are just a few of the results people experience.

NOTE TO RETAKERS – books are extra.

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