Address : 144 Broadlea Rd

Primary Patterns, the second seminar of the RR foundation training, will be taught as part of a 5-day training intensive immediately following the Fundamentals of RRR. It will be taught in a beautiful rural residential setting about an hour from NYC. Additional expenses are kept low for those travelling from a distance: Accommodations are $35/night and healthy meals are prepared and served on site. Transportation is easily available from the NYC airport and when possible Michelle will coordinate rides with another participant driving from NYC. Flexible payment plans are available. Contact Michelle for full seminar details and to register. (Note: Michelle will be working out of the country between mid Feb and March 7. Please feel free to phone directly after 3/7/16 646-330-5151 or email anytime
There is an additional book fee of $70 for 2 books that you will use in all your RR sessions.

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