Address : 144 Broadlea Rd.

Fundamentals, the first seminar of the RR foundation training, will be taught as part of a 5 day training intensive in a beautiful residential setting followed immediately by Transforming Primary Patterns. You will return home with a significant amount of material that you can begin using immediately in your personal and professional life. Additional expenses are kept very affordable for those coming from a distance: Accommodations are $35/night; healthy meals are prepared and served on site. Transportation is easily available from NYC for those coming from a distance. AND, whenever possible Michelle will connect you with a personal ride to the seminar with another participant. Payment plans are available. Contac Michelle for full seminar details. (Note: Michelle will be working out of the country and reachable by phone after March 7th–or by email anytime: 646-330-5151 Book fee is an additional $40.

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