The Resonance Repatterning system facilitates a natural state of well-being or coherence.

Resonance Repatterning is not a medical practice or a psychological method. It works at the frequency level by transforming your resonance with unconscious patterns as a way to create physical, emotional and mental coherence or well-being.

The Resonance Repatterning muscle checking tool accesses what you resonate with and what will support a higher state of coherence and well-being for you.
Your Resonance Repatterning Practitioner only uses the muscle checking tool with your permission and in the context of your session.
The muscle checking tool cannot be used for making a decision:
  • whether an operation is needed or not
  • to diagnose a disease condition
  • to identify if a medical prescription is needed
  • to find out if an abuse experience “really happened.”

It checks your resonance with these and helps you transform your resonance. Changing your resonance changes your life.

In all Resonance Repatterning sessions, you remain fully clothed.

Be aware that RR Practitioners and Advanced Practitioners have achieved their own standard of excellence based on the skills they have learned, their experience and their personal wisdom.

We encourage you to look at the Practitioner’s Seminar Attendance to appreciate the extent of a Practitioner’s training, and the Diplomas they have received from the Resonance Repatterning Global Institute.