Enjoy browsing through articles by Chloe Faith Wordsworth as well as articles on Resonance Repatterning – formerly Holographic Repatterning – printed in magazines or written by practitioners. You are welcome to use information found in these articles, as long as you use quotation marks for direct quotes and credit the author, the magazine where it was printed and date of printing, and the Resonance website.

Newsletter Articles

1. Conversations with Chloe – Earliest Influences
2. The Evolution of Resonance (Holographic) Repatterning
3. Change and Chaos Theory
4. Coherence out of Chaos
5. Diabetes and the Certainty Factor
6. Dealing with Clients in Crisis
7. The Power of Resistance
8. Decision Making, Birth Process Traumas & The Five Elements of Chinese Acupuncture
9. How to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy
10. The Energy Constriction Release
11. Proxy Sessions Part 1
12. Proxy Sessions Part 2
13. Living Your True Nature
14. Acknowledgements and the Metal Element

YouTube: Early Beginnings

Magazines Articles

1. Medicine or Mumbo Jumbo? - South Africa
2. Healing on the Crest of a Wave - UK
3. Atencion Familiar - Mexico
4. Holographic Repatterning: Can It Change Your Life? - South Africa
5. Cures from Designs and Images - India
6. Holographic Repatterning: An exciting new healing technique! - Colorado, US