We believe that the field of limitless life energy that sustains and maintains life is Spirit or unconditional love.

We Believe there is a range of frequencies at which our body and mind function optimally in the world.

When we resonate with this optimal frequency range we are at our best at that moment in time;

we have the confidence to face life’s challenges with equanimity

and to commit to our journey of self-healing and growth.

We believe that every positive change we make within ourselves –

each one of us being a minuscule part of the whole –

creates a ripple effect that benefits the whole.

This vision is based on the foundational understanding that all matter consists of energy;

that what we resonate with determines what we experience;

that self-healing and extraordinary change are possible

when the frequencies of our body, emotions and mind are coherent;

that no matter how hard the circumstances of our life may be,there is always hope.