I was fortunate to be brought up by extraordinary parents who, back in the 1940s, were interested in organic farming, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, creative education, living a life of service and spiritual seeking that went beyond the bounds of all religions and yet integrated the high values of each.

Just before WWII broke out, penniless but filled with ideals, my parents started a progressive school called Long Dene, in a tiny village in a tiny cottage!

In 1944 with bombs dropping and still penniless, they borrowed $1,500 and bought Chiddingstone Castle in the beautiful Kent countryside. In the middle of the term they moved the school and about 140 children and staff.

In this wonderful environment my parents — John and Karis Guinness and the staff — encouraged curiosity, creativity, freedom, play and developing in our own way at our own pace.

Right from childhood I was fascinated by healing and what it takes to be vitally healthy.

In my 20s this naturally lead to a plant-based vegetarian lifestyle and a spiritual path of meditation.

I studied with some of the greats in the field of energy medicine:

In the 1970s with Dr. Randolph Stone, who created Polarity Therapy & opened the way for me to understand the Chakra energy system.

in the 1980s with J.R. Worsely, a major player in bringing the ancient Five Element System of Chinese Acupuncture to the West;

Studying Acupuncture at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute led to a full time Acupuncture practice & time to think more deeply about the cause of stress, pain & lack of health. After years of searching for a panacea for human ills, failures & relationship conflicts, I began to develop the Resonance Repatterning® System (initially called Holographic Repatterning™), which began to take shape in 1989–90.

With Dr. Upledger, the first doctor to teach Cranial Sacral work to a non-medical public;

Even a few seminars in the late 1970s with the genius Moshe Feldenkrais, who taught how to re-educate the brain & body through movement.

Ann Wigmore and Mary Burmeister were also influential in my journey, and so many more.

At the same time, I began to write down Energizing Options (modalities) from sound, color & light, movement, breath, essential oils & energy contacts (from Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupuncture, Chakra balancing & left-right brain integration).

This became the SPIRAL UP book.


THE FOUR CHOICES chapter gives you a deeper understanding of what makes energizing change possible.

The 26 POSITIVE ACTIONS aims to give you ideas, and inspire you to explore new ways for living a healthy pain-free life.

A SCIENTIST SPEAKS  – Author and scientist James L. Oschman PhD has written two chapters: The Science of Spirals: a thirty-year adventure and an Afterword to SPIRAL UP! This is amazing information for those who are fascinated by a left-brain understanding of frequencies, spirals & life. Oschman’s chapters show how science is beginning to provide a pointer towards why these Energizing Options work.